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about me

Hello. My name is Advait Saravade. I live in Mumbai, India and am 17 years old. Programming geek and badminton player. About 200 thousand people, which is roughly 3 times the population of my hometown, use my apps. I design websites for the adrenaline rush I get from it. I read a lot of non-fiction, which include programming books and some psychology every now and then. On a side note, I also play the guitar whenever I get the time.

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my love

I love to design and code beautiful android apps and websites. Every design of mine is based on what I call the 3S - simple, slick, social. I started web programming at the age of 13. This website was made by me and yeah, the special font used is my handwriting. I founded an online social network at the age of 15 - Musicboarder. I have three apps on Google Play Store - Deep Relax. Yogic De-Stress, Star Wars Soundboard HQ and Clock Mate, the Alarm Clock. My MacBook and my music are all I need to make top notch apps. So yeah, programming is very important to me.

my dream

Long term: What I want to be you ask? Well, my goal is to learn and graguate from the University of California Berkeley. Short term: I really want to advance myself further into the computer world. I believe in giving back to society, and being a Google Play developer the past 2 years has helped me aid thousands of people, just like you and me. I collaborated with IIT Bombay on project TreeMapIndia and together we developed an app to collect information about trees in a matter of seconds. Also worked with Persistent Systems, Pune this summer.

other stuff

I visit the gym every alternate day and practise yoga often, and yet not as often as I would like. I swim well too and go for an occassional stroll every now and then. There was a time when I would sit at home all day coding. It really affected me badly. Since then I decided to keep a balanced life. Work all afternoon, play all evening.

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Got an idea for an app or just want to ask for my opinion, send me an email by scanning the barcode shown below. I'll reply within a day or two.

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